Badung Regency


Kamis, 02 September 2010

Badung is a regency in the province of Bali, Indonesia. This area also includes Kuta and Nusa Dua is a famous tourist attraction. Its capital was in Mangupura, formerly located in Denpasar. In 1999 major riots in which the Regent of Badung in Denpasar Office burned to the ground.Badung is currently headed by a regent who is currently held by Anak Agung Gde Agung originating from regions Mengwi, and as the Vice Regent of I Ketut Sudikerta.Badung regency of Buleleng regency borders in the north, west of Tabanan, and Bangli regency, Gianyar and Denpasar city in the east.Sub-district1. Petang2. Mengwi3. Abiansemal4. Kuta5. North Kuta6. South Kuta
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Badung formerly Nambangan before replaced by I Gusti Ngurah Made Pemecutan at the end of the 18th century. With a dagger and whip, he can beat inheritance Mengwi and Jembrana until 1810, where he eventually replaced by two people the next king. His death was as though it is set by his successor, probably his brother, King Kesiman who ruled with its peak years from 1829 to 1863. He can be influenced by forces from outside Bali and hopes to the Dutch government at that time.He allowed the Dutch to establish a station in Kuta in 1826, in retaliation for the cooperation that he get a gift that is very beautiful. A Danish trader, named Mads Johansen Lange, who came to Bali at the age of 18 years and plays a role as a mediator between the Government of the Netherlands and Bali, where the king received a part that was quite interesting. From then on, Mads Lange who was born in 1806, can improve relations with the kings in Bali. In 1856 Mads Lange sick and please retire, and decided to return to the Danes, but unfortunately he died when the ship will be carrying will leave and eventually he was buried in Kuta. In addition, Kuta is also known as the place where Captain Cornelis de Houtman with some of his followers was hanged in 1557, when 20 000 troops returning from Bali retain Blambangan travel from the Sultanate of Mataram.
In 1904 a Dutch-flagged ship named China's "Sri Komala" stranded on the beach of Sanur. The Dutch government has accused local communities stripped, vandalized and looted the ship and demands to the king over all the damage amounting to 3000 silver dollars and punish those who damage the ship. Rejection of the king on charges and compensation payments, causing the Dutch government to prepare a military expedition into six to Bali on September 20, 1906. Three battalions of infantry and two battalions of troops landed and attacked immediately arteleri Kingdom of Badung.
After the attacks of Badung, the Dutch invaded the city of Denpasar, until you reach the city gates, they're not getting resistance, which means but suddenly they were greeted by a bunch of people dressed all in white, ready to conduct a "war bellows" (die fight to the death last) . Led by the king's ministers, bodyguards, relatives, men women adorn themselves with jewels and dressed in the war out into the middle of the battlefield. This was done because his religious doctrine that the goal is the death knight on the battlefield so the spirits can go straight to heaven. Give up and die in exile was the most embarrassing.
King of Badung and laskarnya who bravely and did not know gave up and chose to do war bellows eventually fall in order to maintain the sovereignty and honor people of Badung.A few days later the Dutch were attacking Tabanan, and later in the year 1908 the kingdom of Klungkung also bellows, and with the fall of the Dutch kingdom of Klungkung Bali fully mastered. In the Netherlands in 1914 to replace the army with the police while doing the reorganization of government. Some of the king plucked his political rights, but they still maintain the cultural values and the king was still a strong influence.

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