Nungnung Water Fall


Jumat, 03 September 2010

Nungnung is the name of a small village, situated 40 km north of Denpasar. The village is cool air with the altitude of approximately 900 meters above sea level. Its location adjacent to the village agro, Pelagaa.
In this village there is a waterfall which has a height of 50 meters with large water discharge. His name Nungnung Waterfall.
Nungnung Waterfall
This tourist area has fairly extensive parking facilities and access roads to the great waterfall, there are only derivative through the ladders.
Scenery along the way is very green and refreshing.
After walking about 20 minutes, we will arrive at the waterfall which has a fairly heavy discharge of water. Roughly equal or perhaps greater than that in Gitgit Waterfall. Heavy water discharge and there is flying around the water vapors that the create the atmosphere became so cool, refreshing and calming.

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