Sada Kapal Temple


Minggu, 05 September 2010

Sada Kapal Temple one of the celestial universe of the famous temples in the village of Ships, Mengwi, Badung is Pura Sada. In fact, Prasada and outboard briefly in this temple is recognized as a cultural heritage site that must be protected. Recently, a large procession of the ceremony could be held in this temple Some According to sources, the name of the temple is probably taken from pelinggih Prasada contained in utamaning mandala. Based on the shape of the outboard Also Prasada and has similarities with the style of building temples in East Java.
If the family stakeholders have dirty (kacuntakan), Pls help the foundation Ida Bale Batara Pura Sada came to the stakeholders in the Agung Sakti Dhalem temple allowed down statues (nedunang pralingga) Ida Batara Pura Sada. The Sada Kapal Temple (Prasada) is one of the most important temples on bali, founded by the King of mengwi, whose ancestors came from klungkung.

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