Sangeh Monkey Forest


Selasa, 07 September 2010

Sangeh famous because this is a village where the monkeys (monkey) roam freely on a hill called Bukit Sari. Sangeh Natural Park, probably is not known by many people of Indonesia, when Sangeh located on an island famous in Indonesia, namely Bali. Natural Park is located in the Village Sangeh Sangeh, Badung, Bali, about 20km from Denpasar. Natural Park has a beautiful tourist Sangeh forest which was inhabited by hundreds of monkeys. According to information nutmeg forest has hundreds of years old, even among the nutmeg tree is said to have been outstanding for more than three hundred years.
Sangeh Monkey Forest

If we have time to visit this park, we'd be interested in the beauty of the nutmeg trees that grow the forest, because in addition to the growth of straight, nutmeg tree also has a very good wood. But strangely, according to several sources of nutmeg trees planted Sangeh supposedly could not elsewhere. There are interesting things told by the visitors and organizers Park Sangeh about a tree that was old and would collapse. In addition nutmeg tree, there is still famous in the jungle plants Sangeh. The tree was growing right in front of the court Sangeh sights and is actually a tree bark.

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