Traditional Weapon


Kamis, 19 Agustus 2010

• Kris
• Spear
• Tiuk
• Taji
• Kandik
• Caluk
• sickle
• Udud
• Gelewang
• Trisula
• Arrow
• Penampad
• Garot
• Tulud
• Kis-Kis
• The presumption
• Beaver
• Blakas
• slicing

Traditional House
Bali house conformity with the rules of Asta Kosala Kosali (the Vedas that govern the layout of the room and building, like Feng Shui in Cultural China)
According to the philosophy of the Balinese people, dynamism in life will be achieved when the realization of a harmonious relationship between aspects pawongan, palemahan, and parahyangan. To that end, the construction of a house should include such aspects as we called Tri Hita Karana''''. Pawongan represents the residents of the house. Palemahan means there should be a good relationship between the occupants of the house and its surroundings.
In general, the traditional architecture of the building or area of Bali was always filled with ornaments, such as carving, equipment and provision of color. Ornamental pattern contains a certain sense as an expression of beauty simbolsimbol and delivery of communication. Decorative forms of fauna species also function as ritual symbols that appear in the statue.

• Lucky Suropati
• I Gusti Ngurah Rai
• I Gusti Ketut Jelantik

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