Regional apparel


Kamis, 19 Agustus 2010

Apparel Bali region is extremely varied, although a cursory looks the same. Each area in Bali has a symbolic and ornamental characteristics, based on activity / ceremony, sex and age of its users. Social and economic status of a person can be known based on the style of clothing he was wearing jewelry and ornaments.

Children wearing udeng Ubud, white shirt and cloth.
Traditional male clothing generally consists of:
• Udeng (headband)
• Kain Kampuh (Woven seam)
• Umpal (shawl fastener)
• kain Wastra (kemben/woven)
• Belt
• Keris
• A variety of jewelry ornaments
Often, too, worn clothes, shirts, jackets, and footwear as a complement.

The young dancer wearing a noose, prada songket and fabric.
Women's traditional clothing, usually consisting of:
• gelung/sanggul (bun)
• Sesenteng (kemben songket)
• kain Wastra
• prada belt (Stagen), twist your hips and chest
• Selendang songket (shawl) shoulders down
• Kain tapih or sinjang (woven), next in
• A variety of jewelry ornaments
Often kebaya worn, the cloth covering the chest, and footwear as a complement.

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